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Authors (alphabetical by last name)

Books marked with an asterisk (*) are anthologies with multiple authors.


Allen, Bill D.

Anderson, David Lee

Bentley, Mitchell

Berdak, Keith

Cantrell, Eran

Chessmore, Tim

Cole, Mike

Dean, Sherri

Deen, David

Drum, Stacy

Evans, Holly

Fletcher, Melanie

Foster, Brad

Foust, Mitch

Hamilton, Jeremy

Harris, Dell

Hershberger, Christopher

Hollaman, Jimmy

Hopkins, John Kevin

Hutto, Weems

Kalin, Jon

Karch, Marziah

Kaufmann, John

Keegan, Charles

Kimmel, David

Maitz, Don

Mears, Tania

Nguyen, Hoang

Probert, Andrew

Rosenzweig, Zeb

Russell, Keith

SanTara, Sandra

Scott, Matthew

Shearstone, Angeline

Stein, Allison

Taggart, Matthew N.

Tinney, Rick

Underwood, Laura J.

Whitlock, Brand

Wood, Tad

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