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In the Shadows

By Bradley H. Sinor. Cover Photography by Tania Mears.
Perfect-bound book. 72 pages.

$6.00 + Shipping

Also available in e-book format:

Amazon: Kindle

When the familiar becomes something new and eerie...

He lives in a time that isn't his with a name he doesn't own. With memories that refuse to be forgotten. Everything is familiar and yet strange. He knows much, but understands very little. He is both the hunter, and the hunted. A thing that shouldn't be, at war against great evil. He is two sides of the same coin. He is Lancelot...


Brad Sinor pulls off quite a feat in his new collection: shaking up the standard canon on three popular themes and weaving them into an entirely new myth set.  That he does so with elegance and an edge makes this a first-rate read.

— Lee Martindale, author of To Stand As Witness and The Folly of Assumption, editor of Such A Pretty Face

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