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Murder Games

Murder Games!! Several Titles!! Try Them ALL!!

General instructions for playing.

Available Titles

Games for 8 players — $5.00 each

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Games for 9 players — $5.00 each

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Games for 10 players — $6.00 each

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Games for 11 players — $6.00 each

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Games for 12 players — $6.00 each

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General instructions included with each game

You have 45 minutes (played in three 15 minute rounds or acts) in which to solve the crime and prove your innocence. (You can play for longer or shorter periods, depending on the role playing skills of your players.)

Only the murderer may lie unless you receive instructions to the contrary in your individual instructions (contained on pages 7, 8 & 9). If someone seems to be lying, it will mean one of three things: 1) they are the murderer; 2) they haven't read their sheet well enough to know what they're supposed to be saying (Yes, it happens! Sigh!); or, 3) they have instructions to lie about some specific point. It's up to you to decide which applies.

You have each been given clues in your individual instructions. Please read these instructions thoroughly and be sure to give out all the clues you have been given. Remember that this is a role playing game, and give our your clues in the course of the game. Try to stay "in character" and have a good time!

The murderer must not confess till the very end of the game after everyone has had a chance to guess who did it. This includes spectators who happen to be watching and might want to guess. If you are the murderer, and are asked to guess before everyone has had a chance, simply finger one of the other suspects until the very end. When everyone has guessed, and the call goes out for the "real murderer," then read your confession, or memorize and ad lib.

Remember that this is a role-playing game. Act out your part and stay in character. Do not leave the room!

Make sure you have given out all your clues at the end of round three. You may have the one clue that is crucial in fingering the killer, so check all your clues thoroughly.

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