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All The Marbles

By Dusty Rainbolt. Cover art by David Lee Anderson.
Perfect-bound Trade Paperback - 240 pages

$14.00 + Shipping

Also available in e-book format:

Amazon: Kindle

Chandra was having a bad day anyway, but then that cat…

Starts with a galactic Ma Bell and the equivalent of the Wichita Lineman on the run from thugs demanding an object Chandra's never even heard of, then throw in space pirates who steal party supplies, a cat who's even more a law unto himself than most felines, and oddball planets where the inhabitants have deified Fifties TV sitcom characters or the drunks in the gutter at night are lawyers in court by day.  It all adds to make All the Marbles a highly entertaining ride.

— Lee Killough, author of Wilding Nights

If you’ve missed Douglas Adams, you’ll laugh with relief when you read All the Marbles.

— Selina Rosen, author of Queen of Denial and Recycled

Rainbolt taps into the heart of science fiction; all that can be imagined is possible. All the Marbles is fast paced, outrageous, and of a cosmic scale. Rainbolt will take you on a trip far from home, a trip well worth taking.

— Gary Moreau, author of Almost Human

Crossing screwball comedy with space opera, Dusty Rainbolt's All The Marbles is a fast, funny take on far-future shenanigans and some eternal verities, like corporate monopolies and human idiocy. Readers will love this wild space chase after a mysteriously valuable object through galaxies far, far away with spunky heroine Chandra Solomon, a large cast of oddballs along for the ride, and Ivan the top-dog cat.

— Carole Nelson Douglas, author of Cat in a Neon Nightmare

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