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Demon in the Bones

By Laura J. Underwood. Cover art by Mitchell Bentley.
Perfect-bound Trade Paperback - 312 pages

$16.00 + Shipping

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Keltora can be a land of bright wonder...and intense danger

From the day they joined the caravan, Rhoyd Smytheson knew something was amiss. It wasn't the caravan they were supposed to be on, but his adopted father, the mercenary Conor Manahan and his healer wife Eithne thought it was better than nothing. The Caravan Master smelled like a rotting turnip all the time. The Captain was an enigma, and even the cook Noreen was hiding some secret. There were abundant encounters with darklings and imps who seemed to be following them. Caravan guards sometimes disappeared without a trace and others started to think Rhoyd was causing the bad luck that plagued them. And there was the dark wagon that rolled along in their midst. It reeked of magic and demon essence, and Rhoyd became determine to find out why.

In the course of trying to ferret out the magical truths, Rhoyd began to realize there were dangers within as well. A demon was among them, and Rhoyd needed to find it. Only when Conor gets arrested for the murder of another guard and Eithne seems to believe her husband is now dead, Rhoyd finds himself tasked with keeping a secret in order to save the future of the world.

Because someone among the crew of the caravan has a darker purpose and carried a demon in their bones. It would be up to the young Ard Magister to discover who...even if it meant sacrificing the life he had come to love with his adopted parents. For the powers of darkness, the children of the Dark Mother, were becoming aware of just who Rhoyd was destined to be, and they would stop at nothing to destroy him.

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