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Four Bubbas of the Apocalypse: Flatulence, Halitosis, Incest, and...Ned

The 2nd Bubbas of the Apocalypse Anthology!
Edited by Selina RosenCover art by Keith Berdak.
Perfect-bound Trade Paperback - 308 pages

$16.00 + Shipping

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Also available in e-book format:

Amazon: Kindle

The Apocalypse was never supposed to be like this!

If you haven't read the first anthology, you shouldNot that this one relies on it, but because you're really missing something! But, just so you have the background:

So, ya know what a "bubba" is? Know what the "apocalypse" is supposed to be? Now imagine that the end of the world comes in such a way that those off fishin' or huntin' — or whatever — aren't affectedBegin to get the idea?

When the virus Yuppie 25 either wipes out or zombifies everyone in the world except the bubbas, things take on several interesting twistsRead about good ole boys fighting yuppie zombies, aliens, and those French cheeses that end in that funny "è" — among things too awful to mention here.

This time, each author was required to use one of the four "plagues": Flatulence, Halitosis, Incest, or — worst of all — NED, in their story.  Needless to say, it gets interesting fast!

You'll want them all — they're addictive!

  • “Foreword,” by Selina Rosen
  • “The Psycho Pigs Meet the Yumbie Bitch from Hell,” by Bill DAllen
  • “The Ultimate Weapon,” by M.H. Bonham
  • “Savin’ Ned,” Robert D. Brown
  • “Lefric Lights A Fart,” by James K. Burk
  • “Bubba and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Fart,” by James S. Dorr
  • “Bringing Home the Sauce,” by Linda J. Dunn
  • “A Rose By Any Other Name,” by Melanie Fletcher
  • “Bubba-Rap,” by Bennie Grezlik
  • “Yuppie Zombie Baby Farts,” by Matt Howl
  • “Bubba In A Blue Dress,” by Gary Jonas
  • “Nr. Ned and Dr. Ted,” by Andrew Zimmerman Jones
  • “Gas,” by John M. Lance
  • “83 Best Monkeys,” by Lee W. Lindsay, Jr.
  • “Widder Liggett and the Breath O’ God,” by Lee Martindale
  • “Attack of the Godless Undead Zombies,” by Tracy S. Morris
  • “The Bubbas of Troy County,” by Gloria Oliver
  • “Home Baked Air Biscuits,” by Garrett Peck
  • “Hal’s Crossroads,” by Robert Pickering
  • “A Crazy Tasty Love Story,” by Mark Shepherd
  • “Homecoming,” by Bradley H. Sinor
  • “Sweet Meat,” by Glenn R. Sixbury
  • “The Siege and Investiture of the Athens BilMart,” by Mark W. Tiedemann
  • “The Boys From Brownsville,” by Jeff Turner
  • “Why A Good Man Nowadays Is Hard To Find,” by Laura J. Underwood
  • “1001 Alabama Nights,” by Billy Vincent
  • “Flatulence, Halitosis, Incest, and..Ned,” by Selina A. Rosen
  • “Ned and the Cookie Girls,” by Julia Blackshear Kosatka
  • “Flatulence,” “Halitosis,” “Incest,” and “Ned,” four poems by Paul D. “Ajax” Hocker.

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