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The Ghost Writer

By Selina Rosen. Cover by Melanie Fletcher.
Perfect-bound Trade Paperback
(Just Cause Imprint)

$12.00 + Shipping

Available in e-book format:

Amazon: Kindle

Success at last — or total ruin…

Tom always wanted to make his living writing, and now he does — but he’s writing other people’s books. He’s feeling like a sell-out and growing more resentful every day as he watches the people he ghost writes for make millions. They go on book tours and talk about the books he wrote as if they had done all the work. Meanwhile, he barely ekes by.

Sherry Hays is a talented writer who is barely making ends meet doing odd jobs. Yet she constantly refuses Tom’s offers to get her work ghost writing.

When the small press that is the only house at which Tom has books in his own name — and the only place that Sherry has books at all — goes under, Tom decides to take action.

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