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Mirror, Mirror and Other Reflections

By James K. Burk. Cover by Brad Foster.
Perfect Bound Trade Paperback -150 pages

$10.00 + Shipping

Also available in e-book format:

Amazon: Kindle

Fall into the looking glass

Burk's works are a pleasure to read. He gives you believable people in unbelievable circumstances. This creates an assured tone that tells you to relax, he knows what he's doing. And you do relax, until he brings out the dentist's drill. For a good time, read on!

— Rob Chilson, author of Black As Blood

I truly enjoyed Jim Burk’s Strange Twists of Fate. The word-smithing was very professional, the characters lived, and the stories themselves were a pleasure. Two of the four stories were written in the first person, in the manner of Raymond Chandler's and Philip Marlow's private eye stories, and Jim handled the narrative monologs exceptionally well. Very nicely done. Now if he will just sit himself back down at the keyboard and write some more...

— John Dalmas, author of Soldiers, The Lizard War, and Three-Cornered War

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