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Bobby's Troll
and Other Stories

By John Lance. Cover and interior art by by Marziah Karch.
Saddle (staple)-bound Trade Paperback - 58 pages

$5.00 + Shipping

Also available in e-book format:

Amazon: Kindle

What would YOU do...

...if a troll not only moved in under your bed, but also started charging you a toll to go to sleep?               How would YOU handle a dragon that followed you home from school one day, just itching to be your new family pet?

What YOU would say to a bunch of tooth fairies that poked you awake at the crack of dawn, looking for a loan?

Find out how Bobby, Morgan, Vivienne, and a bunch of other average kids outthink, outmaneuver, and outwit these unusual creatures in Bobby’s Troll and Other Stories. Whether they are helping a leprechaun to retire or trying to convince a satyr to move back into the wardrobe he was living in, one thing is for sure — a lot of fun (and just a little bit of chaos) is certain to follow.

Move over Harry Potter! John Lance has created some of the funniest short stories I've read in the fantasy genre. In a field that is much the same rehash, these stories refreshingly poke fun at our favorite fantasy tropes. Trolls, dragons, fairies, satyrs, lions and wardrobes, oh my! Buy this chapbook t's a sure winner!

— M. H. Bonham, award-winning author of Prophecy of Swords

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