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Double Dog #3

Home is the Hunter

by James K. Burk
Cover by Mike Cole

Also available individually in e-book format:

Amazon: Kindle

Farstep Station

by Lazette Gifford
Cover by Mitchell Bentley

Also available individually in e-book format:

Amazon: Kindle

Perfect-bound Trade Paperback - 272 pages
+ Shipping

Two doses of action in one!

Home Is the Hunter

He had no face, no past, and no name. They called him Hunter. He wondered if he still had a soul.  He did have a mission — to hunt and kill the leaders of the Freekor, mercenaries who made war both for business and pleasure. He was a faceless assassin, moving invisibly through the worlds, where his employers and most of his allies seemed as ruthless as the enemy. Hunter's heroes had always been men who stood alone to confront evil. Now he must decide where he stands and who he is.

Farstep Station

Farstep Station sits on the distant edge of human expansion into space. Although meant to be the stepping stone to further exploration, the station remained under-staffed and nearly abandoned for the duration of a long war between the rebels and the fledgling Inner Worlds Council.

With the war all but over, the IWC has once again turned attention to this outpost of humanity. The new commander, Desmond Montaigne, steps into a powder keg of trouble, including a belligerent civilian section no one told him existed, a second-in-command who may be more dangerous than he is incompetent, and things loose on the station that shouldn't be there at all.

Farstep Station is a nexus of hidden secrets, and Desmond soon learns the key to survival isn't recognizing his enemies but finding a few friends.

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