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Bad Lands:
A Holmes & Storm Mystery

By Selina Rosen and Laura J. Underwood. Cover art by Jon Kalin.
Perfect-bound Trade Paperback - 228 pages

$14.00 + Shipping

Also available in e-book format:

Amazon: Kindle

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Murder on a reality show...

All forensic scientist Maggie Holmes wants to do is spend a week on Knight Island, the legendary home of two murder sprees. In order to get there, however, she'll have to compete on a reality show called Chicken Out — and she'll need a partner. Enter her foul-mouthed friend Vivian Storm, a police sketch artist who can "see" a murder through the victim's eyes.

Now Maggie just has to tell Vivian that she signed them both up for the show...

Spending a week on an island where multiple murders have been committed is heaven to Maggie Holmes, a forensic scientist and author of a book dealing with paranormal activity at crime scenes. All she and friend Vivian Storm, who actually sees murders through the eyes of the victims, have to do is survive the week while they are being filmed for a reality TV show. To boot, they must pretend to be a lesbian couple. The authors add a great dollop of humor to what is the basic plot of Agatha Christie's classic And Then There Were None. For collections where paranormal mysteries are popular.

— Library Journal

A blood-soaked island is the eerie setting for a series of gruesome murders. Maggie Holmes, semi-retired forensic pathologist and investigator of the paranormal, has long been denied access to Knight Island, the scene of two violent murder sprees 20 years apart. When she learns it will be the setting for the reality show Chicken Out, she signs up without the knowledge or consent of her friend Vivian Storm, a police sketch artist and lesbian psychic bartender with a foul mouth and a roving eye. Vivian's not eager to pass herself and Maggie off as a couple, but she gives in for a chance to split the million-dollar prize. The group also includes two cooks, island owner Franklin Knight, a buff blond couple, a bouncer and his well-endowed girlfriend and a pair of New Agers draped in crystals, each of them to be captured by motion-activated cameras placed all over the island. The hopefuls have hardly settled into the decrepit hotel when one of the cooks is murdered and the boats scuttled, marooning the contestants with a brutal killer.

Maggie's forensic skills and Vivian's ability to see what the victims saw as they faced death are stretched to the limit as an ever more sadistic killer sends the body count skyward in this grisly debut.
A down-market takeoff on And Then There Were None. Not for the faint of heart

— Kirkus Review

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