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Adventures of the Irish Ninja

Stories by Selina Rosen. Artwork by Brand Whitlock, Adan Pérez,
and Tom Howard.
Saddle (staple)-bound Trade Paperback - 52 pages

$5.00 + Shipping

There is no escaping the Irish Ninja!

The "all ninja" chap book — all the strips from issues 2 through 13! Featuring three artists' renditions of our most popular strip!

If you wonder just what the in the universe an "Irish Ninja" is, well, here's the explanation that's offered in the front of this chapbook...

by Selina Rosen (May, 1998)

Brand Whitlock and I spend hours...all right, all right, most of our lives...sitting around eating snack food and making shit up. However, the origins of the Ninja lie not in fantasy, but in fact.

Yes, believe it or not, we know a "Dee Dee-esque" character. She has been known to hold us prisoner for hours as she pours out story after "fascinating" story of crap that just flat doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell of being true. The seed was planted, it was amply fertilized, and it grew.

One day as Brand and I were vigorously working out, pumping iron...OK, OK, so we were sitting on our asses watching "X-Files". Anyway, Brand says, "We should do a story about Dee Dee. She could be a character who sheds a fat suit and becomes like a super human."

Two repeat episodes, three large pizzas and a giant bottle of Pepsi later, the Irish Ninja was born. Brand was the first one to draw the Ninja strip, bring his vision to life. Adan Pérez took over Ninja, sticking to Brand's original concepts and adding his own style. Recently, Tom Howard has added his talents to the Ninja File.

Of all the crap...ah, quality material in Yard Dog Comics, the Irish Ninja has the biggest following and generates the most comment. I think the reason is that everyone has had at least one Dee-Dee in their lives — someone whose embellishment is so obvious that you're embarrassed for them. They're the person who would have to be at least a hundred and ten to have done all the things they claim to have done. The ones who belong to clubs and organizations you've never heard of, who openly admit that they are in a top secret government organization. No matter what you say, no matter what you do, they have done it longer, harder, and better. In fact, they won an award for it.

They annoy the hell out of you, and yet they are basically harmless. You don't feel like you can just look them right in the eye and tell them, "You're full of shit." It wouldn't be polite, and yet how polite is it for them to sit there and tell us a bunch of shit? What do they think we are -- idiots?

In truth, no. They just think they are that good. They don't have a clue that we know that they're lying. Sometimes they don't even know that they're lying — that's how good they are. If you are already an Irish Ninja fan, you will marvel at the new art on the cover and the fact that all your favorite scripts are in one volume at this low, low price. If this is your first trip to never-never land — enjoy

And if you're buying this to give to a friend who is like Dee-Dee, don't waste your money.

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