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Fire & Ice

By Selina Rosen. Cover art by Brand Whitlock.
Perfect-bound Trade Paperback -265 pages

$14.00 + Shipping

Also available in e-book format:

Amazon: Kindle

Caught between the cold and the fire...

Mickey Derringer is having a hell of a year, filled with loss, crushing disappointment, personal tragedy, physical trauma, mental anguish, and constant change. It's also a year of personal triumphs, growth, love and enlightenment. All while she's trying to catch the worst serial killer the city has ever known, a murderer whose modus operandi reopens old wounds and rekindles her worst nightmares.

In Fire & Ice, Selina Rosen reveals the subtle evil of a segregated society, while showing the metamorphosis of an intelligent, loving relationship between two people. In view of the pathetic compromise of "Don’t ask; don’t tell," this novel’s near-future premise of carding gays and lesbians like illegal aliens suggests a sinister but believable possibility. This should be a warning to anyone who thinks that anything less than total civil rights for everyone would be an acceptable compromise.

— Mark Shepherd, Author of Blackrose Avenue and Laser Warz

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