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Bubba Fables

By Sue Sinor. Cover art by Brad Foster.
Perfect-bound Trade Paperback

$6.00 + Shipping

Also available in e-book format:

Amazon: Kindle

Do you need your BOTA fix?

Did you ever wonder what stories those future Bubbas will be reading to their kids?

No? Well too bad ’cause here it is—a collection of bed time stories for every little bubba and bubbette and of course Ned who need to learn what happens when they don’t do what they’re told and the Yumbies eat ’em.

Iffen yore a looking fer stories to teach them ignorant little bastards you spawned to READ, this ain’t the book fer you. But iffen you likes twisted tales of bubbas and yumbies and giants (oh, my) filled with (a)moral lessons, then you gotta read this here book cos it’s got some good shit in it...

—Ms. Tiddywump, Librarian

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