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Sword Masters

By Selina Rosen. Cover art by John Kaufmann.
Perfect-bound Trade Paperback - 354 pages

$15.00 + Shipping

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Just when they thought it was all over

The Jethrik are in trouble — they're fighting a war they can't win even if they don't know it. Their savior comes in the guise of a strange foreigner who is the son of one of their greatest heroes.

Tarius the Black will lead the Jathrik army to victory and save their king, so what secret could he harbor that would be dark enough for them to order his death? Then, having escaped execution and cheated death at their hands, what could ever bring Tarius back to the Jethrik?

Sword Masters is an engaging fantasy full of memorable characters. Tarius is a strong but flawed [hero], and the novel is as much about ... emotional maturation as it is about the clash of armies and cultures between the Jethriks, Karthiks, and Amalites.

— Dru Pagliassotti, Reviewer for

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