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Chains of Redemption

By Selina Rosen. Cover art by Charles Keegan.
Perfect-bound Trade Paperback - 284 pages

$14.00 + Shipping

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Get Chains of Freedom, Chains of Destriction, and Chains of Redemption for $24.00 + Shipping

The third book in the Chains trilogy

As RJ and her crew are heading for a pivotal meeting with the Argy government, the Reliance catches up with them and they are forced to make a course change that shoves them out of known space. The Reliance immediately claims they've killed the charismatic rebel leader and her band of malcontents, but the truth won't be known for nearly 100 years.

Since her unsuccessful attempt to kill RJ and her subsequent murder of sector leader Jago, Jessica Kirk has been between a rock and a hard place. Forced to live as a slave on a cesspool of an Argy-held planet called Pete with no real hope for escape...unless of course RJ really is gone.

Chains of Redemption completes Selina Rosen’s trilogy about RJ, the bioengineered superhuman warrior who leads the human race out of slavery into freedom. This book veers back and forth from rollicking, bawdy space opera to serious concerns about freedom, responsibility, love and its loss, hatred and its power, and the real nature of humanity. A galaxy-spanning adventure story with an incredible cast of characters, Chains of Redemption pulls the series together with the final confrontation of RJ and her evil twin Jessica.

— Elizabeth Moon, author of Victory Conditions, The Speed of Dark, and Echoes of Betrayal

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