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The Anthology from Hell:
Humorous Stories from
WAY Down Under

Edited by Julia S. Mandala. Cover art by Brad Foster.
Perfect-bound Trade Paperback - 314 pages

$16.00 + Shipping

Also available in e-book format:

Amazon: Kindle

Go to Hell! (No, seriously!)

Explore pristine beaches!1 Discover the mystery!2 Experience the thrills!3 Find "True Love"!4 Enjoy warm weather year-round!5 Deals galore!6 Going to Hell has never been so fun!7

1Pristine condition of beaches does not guarantee enjoyment of the Lake of Fire.
2Happy outcome not guaranteed.
3See disclaimer for mystery.
4See disclamer for mystery. Warning: "true love" may be a demon in disguise.
5"Warm" weather may be construed by some as torturously hot and may cause spontaneous combustion.
6"Deals may include forfeiture of immortal soul, which the Surgeon General warns may reduce enjoyment of eternity.
7"Fun" is a subjective term. What is fun for some may be excruciating for others.

  • "Introduction: What the Hell is This?" by Julia S. Mandala
  • "Hell for Leather" by Lawrence Watt-Evans
  • "Hell to Pay" by F. Gwynplaine MacIntyre
  • "What the Hell?!" by Selina Rosen
  • "One Hell of a Woman" by J. Simon
  • "Unleashing the Flyers of L" by Patrick Weekes
  • "Dance with the Devil" by Esther M. Friesner
  • "To Hell with This" by Jerry D. Knowles II
  • "Hell on Quaoar" by Robert Sheckley
  • "Snowball’s Chance in Hell" by Linda L. Donahue
  • "One Helluva Job" by John Dixon
  • "Rot in Hell: A Love Story" by Lisa Mantchev
  • "Hell’s Angels" by Paul Crilley
  • "A Hell of a Guy" by Mike Resnick
    (previously published as “Stanley the Eighteen Percenter” which first appeared in Deals with the Devil, DAW Books, 1994.)
  • "Harry Truman in Hell" by Eliot Fintushel
  • "Hell in a Handbasket" by Glenn R. Sixbury
  • "Doorway to Hell" by John Moore
  • "A Hell of a Note" by Melanie Fletcher
  • "Raise a Little Hell" by Karen Danylak
  • "A Hell of a Deal: Apogee" by Spider Robinson
    (“Apogee” first appeared in Borealis, June 1978, edited by John Bell and Alain Chabot.)
  • "A Slow Day in Hell" by Julia S. Mandala
    (“A Slow Day in Hell” first appeared in Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Fantasy Magazine, Issue 36, Summer 1997.)
  • "Hell’s Belles" by Katherine A. Turski
  • "One Helluva Reward" by Christopher Donahu
  • "Come Hell or High Water" by Jeffrey Turne
  • "Catching Hell" by Christopher Welch
  • "Hell Hole" by Marie Loughin
  • "Half of Heaven and the Whole of Hell" by Clyde Miller
  • "Hell Bound" by Mike Resnick
    (“Hell Bound,” originally titled “The Fallen Angel” by Mike Resnick first appeared in Unauthorized Biographies, edited by Mike Resnick, 1984.)
  • "The Dick From Hell" by F.P. Bahr

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