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The Four Redheads:
Apocalypse NOW!

By Linda L. Donahue, Rhonda Eudaly, Julia S. Mandala, and Dusty Rainbolt. Cover Photography by Weems Hutto.

Perfect-bound Trade Paperback - 208 pages

$14.00 + Shipping

Also available in e-book format:

Amazon: Kindle

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From the Desk of Satan:

Those freakin' Redheads are at it again! They're gonna be the death of me — oh, how I wish! As if Earth wasn’t already going to Hell, those girly-girls have decided to hurry along the Apocalypse. Well, excuuuse me if things aren't happening fast enough to please those high-maintenance broads! At times like these, I really miss their husbands.

THE FOUR REDHEADS: APOCALYPSE NOW! has everything — God, Jesus, Marilyn Monroe, the Four Redheads, and much more. I promise you this: it gives new meaning to the word 'Gonzo!'

— Mike Resnick, author of Kirinyaga and Santiago

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