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Stories That Won't Make Your Parents Hurl

Edited by Selina Rosen. Cover and interior art by Matthew Scott.
Perfect-bound Trade Paperback - 196 pages

$16.00 + Shipping

Also available in e-book format:

Amazon: Kindle

When we say these fairy tales are grim, we're not joking!

In the ancient tradition of the Brothers Grimm, Yard Dog Press is proud to bring to you Stories That Won’t Make Your Parents Hurl. That’s right! A collection of stories that will scare any 20th or 21st century child into behaving, just as those of the Grimm Brothers have scared so many previous generations straight.

No more sugar coating. No PC garbage. Just plain, simple, if you misbehave in this way, the consequences will be dire!!!

  • Introduction by Selina Rosen
  • "Long Day's Journey Into the Basement" (A Poem) by Aja
  • "Annabelle's Closet" by Rosemary Leonetti
  • "Cat Candles" by David Niall Wilson
  • "Fireaway" by Gena Hays
  • Fære Ones" by Sarah Hoffer
  • "Legend" by Garrett Peck
  • "The Clown" (A Poem) by Ajax
  • "The Gift" by Jax Laffer
  • "In the Land of Iknow" by D.S. Renzulli
  • "Flying" by Beverly Hale
  • "The Senoi Way" by Gary Jonas
  • "Happy New Year" by Paul Carlson
  • "The Doll in the Toy-box" (A Poem) by Ajax
  • "A Perfect World" by Susan Satterfield
  • "Tough Love for Mr. Bunny" by Dana Sinclair
  • "The Pasture" by Glenn R. Sixbury
  • "A Spooky Night" by Cherie Daniels & Cherie Rowland Pincus
  • "Bear" by Bill Allen

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