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Plots and Protagonists: A Reference Guide for Writers

By Mel. White
Perfect-bound Trade Paperback

$6.00 + Shipping

Also available in e-book format:

Amazon: Kindle

What Elements Make Up a Story?

This slim volume will answer that question quickly and concisely. Looking for that elusive descriptor? Not sure what type of hero/villain you need for this story? The prod your imagination needs can be found inside these pages.

“Every writer’s greatest fear and frustration is the dreaded “writers’ block” lockdown – that horrible situation when you’ve got to write a story (or want to write one) but nothing is working out. The computer screen is empty and white, and the few sentences you finished look lonely. Characters seem very cardboard-y, plots just aren’t happening, and the whole story process has slowed to a halt. Your muse has fled to more exotic realms and is probably drinking and flirting and hanging out with famous writers, leaving you in the lurch. So you start hunting for inspiration, and it all seems to lead nowhere.”

— from the introduction by Mel. White

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