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He was alive…

     The Serpente was gently heeled to port, rolling waves breaking at her bow to ripple the length of her waterline, trailing abaft her stern in a foamy “V.” The sea was a roiling indigo landscape, tipped in crimson where her waves broke in spindrift.    
     Breathing deep of the fresh air, Buchanan thought then that he could grow to love the sea. Love the ship, with the wind on her sails, the rigging taut, the sea dark & surging with immeasurable power, everything humming in a salty harmony. To reconfigure and restrict one’s world to the span of a vessel’s deck, the open ocean, and all that sky overhead might not be a bad trade. To test oneself against something so beautiful and dangerous in equal measure, it felt in that moment like a calling, something larger than himself. He knew he would recall to the end of his days what he was feeling, the music and mystery of it all.
     He realized that he was the farthest from home that he’d ever been. The Scottish Highlands and all that he had ever known were lost in his wake. New countries, even new continents, lay before him. He knew that with each new land under his feet, he would grow and change, just as he had done when he first set foot on the Serpente. His life had been forever altered when he answered Clan Buchanan’s call at Culloden, and though he would still change that decision if he could, foregoing all that he’d suffered, he couldn’t argue that in the end he would be the better for it … if he survived the days to come.

Book 3 of Ard Magister

    Rhoyd Smytheson is mageborn, so when a dream of a wolf-like demon plagues his sleep night after night, it isn't just a nightmare…it's a warning.
     The journey on which he and his adopted parents Conor and Eithne travel will lead to familiar and unfamiliar trails across Keltora. They will find new allies and enemies. As always, they will fight the darkness that threatens their world, stepping ever closer to Rhoyd's fate as the Ard Magister.

Ard Magister (Book 1 of Ard Magister)

Demon in the Bones (Book 2 of Ard Magister)

The Ultimate Weapon

     Terrorists from around the world scramble to get their hands on the newest ultimate weapon. For one arms dealer it’s all about the bottom line: How much money can he make? Towards that end, he will do whatever it takes.
     The CIA knows something is going on, but have no idea what. When Interpol sticks a file on Tabitha’s desk, she has no idea that what she holds might be the clue to finding out what the terrorists are all scrambling for. As she goes through the data, she finds more questions than answers.  
     Who is this guy? What is he doing? Is he a good guy or a bad guy? More importantly, where does he go?


A New Homeland?

      Rea has been chosen to lead a group of Katabull on a bold adventure to build a colony on the far northern coast of what was once the Amalite. She is sure she is the wrong one for the job and that failure looms on the horizon destroying any chance she has at redemption.
       The witch Jestia is betrayed by one she loves most. Hell bent on revenge she could easily go down a path that would destroy her and maybe even the whole of the Kartik. Tarius’s answer is to bring her to the colony. But will her power be a help to the colony and will being there help her to heal, or will she go down a dark path and destroy them all?

In this, the fifth novel in the Sword Masters Series, follow the next generation as, under the guidance of their elders, the Katabull carve out a new land for their growing people.

Escape into the future with award-winning author Brian A. Hopkins!

     Escape Velocities delivers 18 science fiction gems to entice, entertain, and enlighten new and old fans of Brian’s powerful fiction. Whether it’s exploring new worlds or witnessing the end of this one, solving future mysteries or confronting the mistakes of one’s past, bargaining with a new species or acquiescing to the fragile nature of our own humanity, Escape Velocities paints on a broad spectrum.


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